The Anxious Bride

Seems that I’m averaging a post a year on this thing, but seeing as I’m dealing with a lot of things right now, I won’t worry too much about what my dear readers (if any left) think of me (no offense). I’m getting married in 3 short months (where does the time go?!) and while … Continue reading

I Had a Dream…

…about poo. Which apparently means I have some “psychological waste” that I need to dump. Dreaming of going to the bathroom is a symbol of self expression, according to the interwebs; and I, ┬ámy dear readers, am finally up to the challenge! Albeit on this blog, but then again that’s why I set it up. … Continue reading

It’s not you, it’s me

One of the worst things that can happen to you at work is for 1) your boss to tell you that the work your department is putting out is not up to standard 2) and to tell you that it’s their fault for not checking up on your work Not only am I incapable of … Continue reading

Fifty-two Fridays

My mission for 2014 – my running mission – is to run 52 Fridays. I’ve been having a long-standing, torrid love affair with my running goals over the past few years. Aiming to run my first, full marathon, before I’m 30, has been at the top of the list for the past 3 years, and … Continue reading

There goes another one…

5 days till the end of 2013   I had quite a lot of things I set out to do this time last year, promising myself that 2013 would be incredible, would be MY year, the year I got my shit together. And I’d be lying if I said I did any of the things … Continue reading

I’m cracking up I need a pill

So I haven’t been in therapy in a while, partly because I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on my issues, and partly because my therapist left the country :p But mostly because of me. I’m going to give myself that credit. Generally, I’ve been really good about being aware of my thoughts and addressing … Continue reading

Damn you, virtual boxing

I’m in pain. Despite my consistent work out sessions over the past few months, a 5 minute bout with Play Station Boxing (don’t know the actual name of the horrid thing – Lucifer’s Boxing, perhaps? Evil’s Play Box? Death Trap?) has put my right side out of commission. And it hurts. A lot. In an … Continue reading

Let’s try this, yet AGAIN

Wow it’s been so long I forgot my username/email log in and password! I don’t know where to start. Or what to say.     Hi. I’ve missed you. :) I really have. And sorry for having disappeared. I know I had some faithful followers, and despite what my disappearing act may have said on … Continue reading

All about the positive thinking

Apologies my friends for having been MIA for so long. It’s been a cuckoo month – tons of ups and downs (unfortunately many downs for one reason or another) but I’m actively working on trying to change all that. Long, boring story short – confidence levels took a hit, still trying to figure out why, … Continue reading

Loving the love!

My dear friend crazybunny has graciously nominated my little space here for the “interesting blog award” – an award of her own creation to recognize the places and spaces that bring a smile to her face. I’m truly honored, my bunny friend, and appreciate the shout out :) She’s got some rules in place and … Continue reading