I Had a Dream…

…about poo.

Which apparently means I have some “psychological waste” that I need to dump. Dreaming of going to the bathroom is a symbol of self expression, according to the interwebs; and I,  my dear readers, am finally up to the challenge! Albeit on this blog, but then again that’s why I set it up.

I recently turned 30 and everyone’s told me what a great time it’ll be. And while I was skeptical (I mean, I was so young! I was a 20-something!), I’m quickly (very quickly – only 3 months in) starting to feel the comforts of 30.

I’m finally finding my own voice. I’m accepting myself and loving myself – as I am. And the best of it all is, I’m really – really – starting not to give a shit.

Well, except for in my dreams ;)

And it’s soooooooooooo fucking liberating! I’m not at the point of “oh you don’t say? Well thanks for the waste of time, I don’t really give a shit about your opinion” yet, but I can’t wait to get there!

And no I’m not being bitter or cynical – I just want to enjoy the same freedom of thought and opinion that everyone’s always imposed on me. Or which I allowed them to impose. Well, I have a bloody opinion too, and truth be told, I honestly think it’s better than yours. So be prepared to deal with this shit.

That’ll be all. Till we meet again!


Ps – I’ve missed you

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