runningwithoutsocks is still figuring out what it’ll be all about – a blog of self exploration, if you will.

I feel strongly about everything and will make a big deal out of nothing, and I can’t really say that I have any authority to give the criticism that I do, but I’d like to at least contribute my share and start a conversation.

I’m angry and bitter, but trying to work through it – so maybe runningwithoutsocks will be my therapy. I won’t always be complaining, but I have found that it makes for an entertaining read. In the end, I will bitch and moan, but it really is all mush and goodness inside.

Would love to get your thoughts and feel free to kick me in the ass. Chances are I probably need it.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the blogging community! I started with the thought that I didn’t have much to learn about myself, but proved myself wrong – even with a food and wine blog… that was the first big lesson, it’s amazing what you find out. Best o luck!

  2. Just came across your blog…yes, blogging is cheaper than therapy and can definitely be a great way to get it all out. : )

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  4. I am also doing the same thing..trying to figure out everything in and out ..Lets explore our best to find the best :)

  5. anger and frustration can be debilitating and can bend one to become bitter. writing is good therapy, so are those willing to listen and walk with you through the process (giving you a nudge or poke when the despair rears its ugliness).

  6. Stumbled across your blog about an hour ago and have been sat reading your past posts in order to get up-to-date with your journey so far. I am a newish blogger myself and started for similar reasons: a place to vent, a way to “find myself” and then simply because I love to write. Just from this About Me section I feel totally akin to you so have Liked and Followed and will definitely be keeping up with your posts.

    • Hi!
      Welcome to the blogging community :)
      I’ve found blogging to be extremely liberating, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience! Will definitely visit your space soon.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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