Damn you, virtual boxing

I’m in pain.

Despite my consistent work out sessions over the past few months, a 5 minute bout with Play Station Boxing (don’t know the actual name of the horrid thing – Lucifer’s Boxing, perhaps? Evil’s Play Box? Death Trap?) has put my right side out of commission. And it hurts. A lot.

In an effort to kick my buddy’s ass (as he was pummeling into me) I threw, what I thought to be quite the impressive “right hook” (that’s the one where your arm comes out to the side, no?). And I felt it. I felt something tug, on the inside. My long arms (yes, I have freakishly long, ape-ish arms) extended far out into the nothing-ness in an attempt to smash my friends (virtual) face in, and something stretched a little too much. Maybe ‘tug’ isn’t the right word here; it was more of a *snap*, without the sound. Nevermind, I can’t explain it. But I figured it was nothing.

And the punch was in vain. My friend still kicked my ass.

So anyway. Next day I was a little sore and I figured it was just a little ache since I played so recklessly without stretching *gasp!*. But I woke up this morning and it went from small, achy, nothingness to full on shoulder and back pain from my neck, down my arm, to my fingers and all along the right side of my back down to my bum. Needless to say my morning work out sucked because I couldn’t move a damn thing. Even running hurt – but I ran it anyway (I’m participating in a holiday streak – as in consecutive/consistent running – no clothes being taken off here; more on that later).

Now I’ve got some meds and some thermal patches which I’m hoping will take care of the issue. Fingers crossed this stuff doesn’t make me drowsy and I pass out at work.



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