More of the same

It’s amazing what time can do. Even more amazing what time can’t do.

Almost 7 years ago, frustrated at work, I decided to create a blog space to tell the world how unfair my life is. I recounted endless experiences in which I was wronged, neglected and shunned by colleagues, friends and family. Anecdotes of anxiety, if you will. And in the three short years that I kept up with said blog (not very well, as I do); I found that I am the pain in my own ass.

Some 4 years later, I remain my own biggest enemy. Riddled with fear, guilt and a resentment of everything and everyone that I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

I don’t recognize myself. When did I become so scared? Why am I so consumed with what everyone thinks of me? How do I become the strong, independent minded person I resent everyone else to be?

I, once again, resort to the comfort of anonymity, where I can unload my agonizing diatribe on the unsuspecting innocents of the internet, in hopes that I can find some clarity and eventual peace.

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