Posted in April 2012

Sunday Confessional

It’s been so long! Where do I begin?   1) I really don’t take criticism well. At all. And while I thought at first that it was manageable and I could put up with it, I’ve realised now that I completely and actively avoid certain people and conversations just so that I don’t have to … Continue reading

Do nothing

Last year I came across this link that someone shared on Facebook and it directed me to a site that was quite intriguing. I don’t remember the name of the site, but it basically asked me to do nothing. For two whole minutes.   Let me just tell you, it was one of the hardest … Continue reading

Be still, my beating heart.

Today I lay my cards out on the table. I bare all. I take the leap. I confess. I tell the boy.   Quick back story (we’ve discussed this already in a previous post, but clearly I feel the need to obsess so if you’ve read this before, my apologies) – the boy and I … Continue reading


I woke up with resolve today, as I have for the past few days. I woke up and told myself that I decide what happens today. I will make things happen. Things will not happen to me today. Today will be different. No more bullshit. It all changes today. Today I’ll go for a run. … Continue reading

Balls in a cage

  When my college roommate used to get frustrated, she acquainted this stress with being in a ball pit and having someone continually throw balls at her without stopping. As if you’re screaming for them to stop, but they can’t hear you, or don’t speak your language, or are just deranged and keep throwing the … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

Good morning. Happy Easter! This weekend was terrific and I slept for 12 hours last night so I’m feeling quite chipper and ready to unload all sorts of secrets. I am confident you will not judge me. And if you do, well, shame on you.   1) I’m in love with one of my best … Continue reading

DSUM makes me think of Dim Sum

So I will be running at the 19th LG Dead Sea Ultra Marathon tomorrow. OK now, don’t get too excited, I’m only running the 10K, but it sounds much better when I say I’ll be at the ultra marathon. *wink wink* This is one of the better organized races held in Jordan; which is not … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

I wonder how many weeks of this I can sustain. I don’t really have a lot of secrets, but there are things I wouldn’t usually say out loud. Until now.   1) I am on my third attempt this year to quit smoking and I must say, I’m very disciplined this time around (I’ve had … Continue reading