Posted in July 2012


I’m cursed with the disease of vomit mouth. Also known as verbal diarrhea. “A condition suffered by an individual who has the inability to shut the fuck up, I.e the words keep flowing.” (Urban Dictionary) I always manage to say too much and I never know when to stop talking. Spit out shit and talk a lot … Continue reading

Tom-ay-to Tom-ah-to

I’ve always bitched and moaned about how over worked and under paid I was. At every. single. job. (with the exception of my teaching job in Istanbul) Since moving back home, I’ve found that you will never get what you want unless you ask for it. And chances are that if you do ask for … Continue reading

Summer Lovin’

Alrighty – expect a slew of posts in the next two days; I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! First and foremost – my vacation. I was invited to stand up for my friend as she marries the love of her life – in MEXICO! I met this beautiful woman back in uni … Continue reading