MGMT 101 Fail

I’m not so great at the management thing. Actually, I’m not so great at the management thing when it comes to raising flags on behavior or addressing anything negative. As long as the team is doing well, I can manage and follow-up on the day-to-day. But when I have to communicate something regarding their performance, … Continue reading

Ignorance truly is bliss

Random brain fart occurred to me earlier this morning as I was having a cigarette. I was making mental notes of everything I had to prepare in order to finish up the gift I’m making for the boy as tomorrow is our one year anniversary. And then I got stuck with the thought of having … Continue reading

Tough 10K

I’ve run quite a few 10K’s in my brief, but ever enthusiastic running “career”; most of which have been good runs – not easy, per se, but not super challenging either. In the past I was running more regularly and had always managed to train, to some extent, before a race. And although a 10K … Continue reading

These sounds fall into my mind *The Bomb*

So I’m thinking why this one girl on the team refuses to just accept me/my presence – it’s been two months. I’ve been polite. Professional. Friendly. Non-intrusive. I’m only doing my job. Why make it so awkward for me? Maybe she’s not and I’m over analyzing, but I’ve managed to win over the rest of … Continue reading

I miss my boyfriend

The boy has a very demanding job and when he gets busy, it’s a guarantee that I won’t be seeing him for a couple of days. Now a couple of days, I can deal with. But he’s been swamped at work and has been MIA for almost two weeks now! And although I talk to … Continue reading

Diving into a new fitness routine

If my less than subtle tile hasn’t given it away yet, I’ve taken up swimming! So. Much. FUN! A few months ago I had visited a doctor specialized in back/spine problems as I was convinced that I had a disc problem. I began suffering from headaches and no matter what exercise I did, my shoulders … Continue reading

When it rains, it pours

I had a great weekend. It was warm – actually, it was HOT – and we picnicked and it was beautiful (more on that in another post once I’m feeling it). The boy and I had a movie date which brought the weekend to the close. And then Sunday happened. For no particular reason (well … Continue reading

Technical assistance

My fellow bloggers! I am in need of some technical assistance. A few kind (and smart ;) ) bloggers have nominated me for some faboo awards but I have absolutely no idea how to add the award badges to my page! I’ve looked through the widgets section, appearance, menu’s and what not but I can’t … Continue reading

“We live as we dream–alone….”

Thank you Joseph Conrad for my post’s title. I’ve been at my new job about a month now and I really am loving the work. It’s lot more mentally stimulating than my previous job and my boss is very good about keeping me busy. She’s given me tons of “decks” to read (a term with … Continue reading

2Kg Down

And we’re done! All in all I must say that it was a relatively easy detox/diet to go through. 3 day really isn’t a long time, especially when your body gets used to it by day 2. On day 3 I didn’t get any headaches, I wasn’t hungry and my cravings decreased significantly (still had … Continue reading