Posted in February 2012


Just a quick little comment on how disappointed I am with Google. While I usually don’t really think one way or another towards them, or any other tech company, they’ve managed to get me on a very personal level. They’ve destroyed the one emoticon that I love and use the most while on G-chat. For … Continue reading

Monday, fun day

Today was a good day. I’ve decided that Sunday’s and Thursday’s don’t do it for me, work wise (our weekend is Friday/Saturday). The start of the week is always so depressing – leaving the comfort of your bed after a weekend of sleeping in to go to a job where you’re underappreciated is never motivating. Do … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

I don’t like or drink coffee but I wish I did so that I could be part of that whole culture. I want the machines and the mugs and to be part of the whole “Starbucks vs. local coffee shop” situation. Instead, I work the whole “health” angle and push the benefits of lemon water … Continue reading

Back to basics

Sometimes it’s best to just take a step back and breathe. I recently read a quote that said something to the effect of “silence your mind”, or something or other. If anyone knows how to get anywhere CLOSE to achieving this, please let me know. That’ll be all.

Two months in

I get really motivated at the start of a new year. I write out countless resolutions, write lists and schedules, subscribe to mailing lists, set alarms, join gyms and groups and buy books, gear and anything else I might need to get me on my way. My resolutions for this year (many are repeats of … Continue reading

Hungover without the party

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. You know that feeling, when you’re moving that much slower than everyone else? And all you want to do is to tell everyone to slow down and chill the f#$% out. It’s loud. Everyone’s IQ’s seems to have plummeted over night. Nagging seems … Continue reading

Silly is better than retarded

“Silly” being the boss’ opinion vs. “retarded” being my proposed work. Now how do you argue with logic like that? You don’t. Especially that it’s the boss that’s spewing this garbage. I don’t think I will ever understand the dynamics of a power struggle. If you’re my boss, you clearly win! Why people feel the … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello world.   I figure I’ll keep the title assigned to this first blog as is, since it pretty much sums up the purpose of this post. Welcome to the world of me. I don’t have any organized thoughts prepared, nor do I foresee any kind of structure being set. That being said, here goes … Continue reading