Posted in June 2012

best. boyfriend. everrrrr.

Can I brag? I’m gonna brag. I have the best boyfriend. Ever.   Earlier today, we’re talking and the conversation goes like this: Me: “Man, I want chocolate, I haven’t had chocolate in forever. I just realized I haven’t had chocolate since before I traveled. It’s been more than 2 weeks! <horror>” Boy: “What kind … Continue reading


Ok so two things, real quick! I’ve never put up a post using the iPhone app, so yay to new things And!! I’m in Huatulco, Mexico and its absolutely beautiful!!! Will be back home in a week so watch out for pictures!!

Just another manic Monday

I’ve missed you.   Ever since I resigned I’ve been insanely busy. My clients have kicked into high gear and there’s a ton of work to be done. I will be going on annual leave this Friday so between the hand over and my vacation, I can barely get any time in to update you … Continue reading

change is a bitch

Sorry to keep you all hanging for so long! I’ve made a decision – it’s a big one – one that will definitely change the dynamics of this blog.   I QUIT MY JOB! <insert fireworks here!>   Yes. I quit my job. The job that I’ve loved to hate for the past year. The … Continue reading