Posted in December 2013

There goes another one…

5 days till the end of 2013   I had quite a lot of things I set out to do this time last year, promising myself that 2013 would be incredible, would be MY year, the year I got my shit together. And I’d be lying if I said I did any of the things … Continue reading

I’m cracking up I need a pill

So I haven’t been in therapy in a while, partly because I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on my issues, and partly because my therapist left the country :p But mostly because of me. I’m going to give myself that credit. Generally, I’ve been really good about being aware of my thoughts and addressing … Continue reading

Damn you, virtual boxing

I’m in pain. Despite my consistent work out sessions over the past few months, a 5 minute bout with Play Station Boxing (don’t know the actual name of the horrid thing – Lucifer’s Boxing, perhaps? Evil’s Play Box? Death Trap?) has put my right side out of commission. And it hurts. A lot. In an … Continue reading

Let’s try this, yet AGAIN

Wow it’s been so long I forgot my username/email log in and password! I don’t know where to start. Or what to say.     Hi. I’ve missed you. :) I really have. And sorry for having disappeared. I know I had some faithful followers, and despite what my disappearing act may have said on … Continue reading