Posted in May 2012


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG …   OMG!! I have a big ass decision to make. Not mentally equipped. Kinda feeling nauseous. Will update you tomorrow.

Project GAL #3: Run

Well, this isn’t something new by any means, but it was something to do and it kept me busy. Meets the objective of this whole project, no? It was a good run – tiring. I really should stop taking “breaks” from running and just get out there everyday. Even if only for 20 minutes. Cuz … Continue reading

Project GAL #2: Late Spring Cleaning

You know when you want to get busy, but then you’re too busy to be busy? Yeah. But I’m not giving up on my project just yet. I didn’t make my cookies, as I had promised, but I did get some Spring cleaning in this weekend. And boy oh boy did I find some treasures! … Continue reading

project “get a life”

Alright folks. Like I said, I need to get busy. And I’ll need your help.   I need a project. I need something to get started on that has an end date not too far away because I’m not patient and I tend to lose focus quickly and need immediate results to feel accomplished. So … Continue reading

the devils playground

OK EVERYBODY CALM DOWN.   I need to keep busy. I have too much free time on my hands and I need to keep busy. I am losing my shit. I need to keep busy. I need something to do other than work (cuz that’s not the fun kind of busy). I need to get … Continue reading


OK so you know how you’ll have these thoughts? When you’ve got it all figured out, and you know what everyone’s thinking and they’re all out to get you? Yes, they’re only thinking about you. And their actions are reactions to yours. And you’ll never be good enough. (If you don’t have these thoughts, oh … Continue reading

Dear Diary

I was 27 years old the last time I put up a blog post! Oh, how time flies ;) So I’ve got work on the brain and the work ethic that I work with and the work ethic (or lack there of) of the people I work with and around. Quick disclaimer: I know I … Continue reading