There goes another one…

5 days till the end of 2013


I had quite a lot of things I set out to do this time last year, promising myself that 2013 would be incredible, would be MY year, the year I got my shit together. And I’d be lying if I said I did any of the things I had set out to do – but, I will not dwell over the things I didn’t accomplish, and rather celebrate the good.


I don’t remember many of my resolutions, nor do I care to look back at blog posts or diaries or what not to figure it out.

I wanted to read – I’ve read a couple of books this year and have 3 on my bed side table that I’m looking forward to reading.

I wanted to run – Never did finish my 42.2 K but we’ll get to it. I did get back into the gym and am sticking with it, so yay for baby steps!

I left a job that I was absolutely, positively miserable with and replaced it with a challenging, career oriented managerial position. It’s demanding and scary as hell but I’m all the better for it and about to celebrate 1 year at the new job!

I’ve learned how to be in a relationship and have fallen even more in love with the boy – if that’s possible. I have learned to accept the faults, voice my concerns, power through the fights and not freak out that it’s not going to work out. No one’s perfect – and I’ve learned that it’s perfectly OK.

Generally I’m quite happy with the way 2013 rolled out. And as for my 2014 resolutions, I think it will be a much more thoughtful list than the usual “read, run, revamp my life” list.


How will you all be spending the last few days of 2013? And what are your plans for 2014?

Happy New Year!


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