Let’s try this, yet AGAIN

Wow it’s been so long I forgot my username/email log in and password! I don’t know where to start. Or what to say.



Hi. I’ve missed you.


I really have. And sorry for having disappeared. I know I had some faithful followers, and despite what my disappearing act may have said on my behalf, I truly, truly loved having you as part of my online family. So please accept my humblest apologies. We have a lot of catching up to do.

In a nutshell, work’s been busy but great, the boy is fabulous, social life is good, back at the gym but not running and I’m eating A LOT.


OK see you in another 5 months or so ;)


Juuuust kidding! For serious, although I’ve disappeared and come back twice now – I refuse to give up on this blog for several reasons:

  1. I love it. It’s nice to just ramble and chat and have a voice and figure it all out in the vastness of the interwebs. And the few friends that actually know about my blog, have told me that I’m good at it. So why not?
  2. I want to keep up with your stories too. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a few of you and want to keep that up. The world is as small as it is big (does that make sense?) What I’m trying to say is no matter how far you are, there’s something in your blogs – our blogs – that has left me feeling much closer to you than some of the people I live down the street from (now does it make sense?)
  3. I need to learn to stick to something from start to finish. Even if there’s no finish in sight. I just need to stick. So there.

Some of the things I’ll be updating you on, my lovelies, are all the lovely books I’ve been reading (or want to read), the new running scheme I’m following (or trying to follow) and other useless, incoherent, digressive drivel that I may come up with.

I’m thinking a weekly update will be my new thing – keep me organized, keep me blogging. We’ll see!



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