Fifty-two Fridays

My mission for 2014 – my running mission – is to run 52 Fridays.

I’ve been having a long-standing, torrid love affair with my running goals over the past few years. Aiming to run my first, full marathon, before I’m 30, has been at the top of the list for the past 3 years, and I now have just under 4 months left to realise this goal. My Nike+ history shows sudden bursts of “training” starting full force in January, only to die out before the close of the month, and pick back up again in March through the first week of April; closing out the year with a few scattered runs in October & November. 

But this year will be different. (Yeah yeah – every year is different!) But for reals, it will be. For two reasons.

I am not going to hold myself to my marathon before 30 goal. I will definitely be working towards it, but if I’m not ready by then, then I’m not ready. I can still run a marathon post 30. We’re good.

I will hold myself to a weekly run – at minimum. Although my gym time can/will allow for more, I will commit to at least one run a week – which is, of course, my Friday morning run.

Why are these reasons so compelling?

Through my weekly morning runs I’ve rediscovered the joy of running. I know it might sound cheesey, but it’s exactly what has happened. I haven’t set any huge or daunting goals. I don’t have a certain mileage to achieve each week. If I get tired and need to walk along the way, I stop to walk. I have recruited a running buddy. And, I look forward to and enjoy a kick ass breakfast after the run.

I have assumed no added responsibility other than the one to get out of bed and out the door once a week, and it’s proving to be so rewarding that I look forward to the next run almost as quickly as after I’ve finished the first.

So with this I’ve created my ‘Fifty-two Fridays’ Mission. And my first 3 runs of the year have been splendid.

Will share my runs each week or so! Wish me luck :)

Nothing like scrumptious French Toast after a good run!

Nothing like scrumptious French Toast after a good run!

It was so bloody cold that day!

It was so bloody cold that day!

Eggs benny with salmon. Un. Real.

Eggs benny with salmon. Un. Real.


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