Posted in March 2012

Mission accomplished

I did it!   5K – 00:30:57   Almost didn’t make it – the torture began at 10 minutes and peaked at 21 minutes. I could feel every bit of pain in all my joints and muscles. There wasn’t enough oxygen in the room; actually, the WORLD, that would’ve kept me going. I actually starting … Continue reading

Challenge accepted.

So I was dodding around on and noticed that there was a challenge for the fastest 5K. People are encouraged to join this challenge and enter their details from now until the 31st of March to compete for the fastest time. Someone’s already ran their 5K and logged a time of 15 minutes!   … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

Forgive me bloggers for it’s been a while!   1) I’ve been in a good mood recently which is why I’ve had no blog posts. I can’t think of anything substantial to write if I’m not going to bitch about someone or something in the process! I started writing up a post about how miserable … Continue reading

Things that make you go “mmm”

There are few things I love more than chocolate, (chocolate cake is one). But after having a piece of chocolate just now, I was so moved by it; it’s texture, how it melted in my mouth, how it instantly lifted my spirits, that I just had to blog about it. Chocolate always gets the job … Continue reading

That kind of girl

I’m that kind of girl who is extremely possessive of her friends. They’re mine – I found them first. I love them the hardest. I get the inside jokes. I know the parents. I hang out the most. I’m the go-to friend. I’m “one of the guys”. I’m the best friend. I’m it. So back … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

My last blog post was quite the confessional – so today’s post will be on the lighter side. There’s only so much self-awareness I can handle in a week ;)   1 – I’m afraid of escalators. Just getting on them – looking down and waiting for the step gets me incredibly dizzy. Once I’m … Continue reading

Sunday Confessional

1) I like some really bad music. Really bad. For example, anything Daddy Yankee (reggaeton is soooooo catchy). Salsa tunes. Music from the 80’s that should’ve stayed in the 80’s. Now, these song’s aren’t on my playlists or anything, but I wouldn’t necessarily hit next if they come up on shuffle. Jes’ sayin’. 2) I … Continue reading