All about the positive thinking

Apologies my friends for having been MIA for so long. It’s been a cuckoo month – tons of ups and downs (unfortunately many downs for one reason or another) but I’m actively working on trying to change all that.

Long, boring story short – confidence levels took a hit, still trying to figure out why, but good thing is I’m aware of it. Dealing with managing the team, communicating with the boy, neglect from friends and dealing with self sabotage along the way. Most of which would be non-issues if I could just silence my mind. Or maybe not silence, but listen and deal with my mind. Any whoo – all in the works and feeling really good today so I don’t want to dwell.

The good things that have been happening while I was away:

– Spent Labor day weekend on the beach with the boy and some friends – drank a lot, laughed a lot and danced a lot – was lovely
– Turned 29! THAT’S RIGHT BITCHES – I’M NOT 30! (no offense to those who are, I’ve just been saying that I’m “almost 30” for two years now that it’s really nice to have one more year of 20’s left – I plan on making it legendary)
– The boy bought me the most thoughtful and beautiful gift EVER – I feel bad because I’m always bitching that he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body – wow did he prove me wrong (for those of you interested, it’s a necklace with my name in the shape of an infinity sign – inside thing with us)
– I got business cards! Minor but positive nonetheless
– And finally – in the process of finalizing a mini reunion with some friends from uni in October

So the theme of the day will be positive – I’m not planning for tomorrow because I can only handle about an hour at a time so today is quite ambitious as is

Will be back soon with stories of uselessness and other stuff soon!


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