Loving the love!

My dear friend crazybunny has graciously nominated my little space here for the “interesting blog award” – an award of her own creation to recognize the places and spaces that bring a smile to her face. I’m truly honored, my bunny friend, and appreciate the shout out :)

She’s got some rules in place and questions for me to answer – so here I go.

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. List 5 random facts about yourself
3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award
4. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choise
5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them

Number 1
Just in case y’all missed it – I am humbled at crazybunny’s good taste – thank you, thank you – a thousand times thank you!

Number 2
5 random facts – hmmm..
1) I love Looney Tunes cartoons – the old ones. Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian were a couple of my favorites.
2) I have one super white hair. Just one. And it’s long and when my hair’s doing something funny you can see it.
3) I love office stationery. Post it’s, pens, highlighters, rubber bands – the whole lot of it. But I don’t steal it from work – I buy extra fun stuff that the office doesn’t supply!
4) Speaking of stealing from the office – at my first job teaching English in Turkey, my roommates and I would sometimes help ourselves to some extra toilet paper when we were running low on cash at the end of the month… is that really horrible?
5) I’ve recently discovered that I don’t love “cooked” cheese (for example, in an omlette or as a topper for anything). It doesn’t taste good when you don’t eat it immediately – like if it starts to cool down – baaah!

Number 3 (not actually number 3, but I figure this is a good place for it)
My answers to miss CB’s questions:

Q – Why did you start your blog?
A – I needed a place/space to vent. Work was awful and I was angry and a colleague suggested I set up an anonymous blog where I can let it all out with little to no consequences.

Q – What was the most embarrassing situation you have ever been in?
A – Just one? Sheesh…where do I begin? On many an occassion, I’ve walked into the house singing at the top of my lungs only to realise (too late, obviously) that we have guests over. Yes, I don’t learn – this has happened several times. Oops?

Q – If you were to win 1 million Euro/Dollar/Pounds (whatever), what would be the first thing you´d do?
A – Rational answer: Give half to my family and invest the other half in a house. Realistic answer (since realistically I don’t think I’m winning a million anything anytime soon): Go out for beers and a burger to figure out which will come fist; my resignation? vacation? shopping spree? or more beers?

Q – What´s your favourite past-time and why?
A – Spending time with friends. I realise this might not qualify as a “past-time” per se, but I am my happiest when I’m with them. I especially enjoy when we spend time outdoors – BBQ’s, basketball, going for a run, pool/beach time. But they need to be around. They’re my support system and I’m most comfortable when they’re around.

Q – Describe yourself in 5 sentences or less.
A – I am a genuinely good person at heart. I worry a lot but only because I want people to see me in the best light. I am a perfectionist and hate not knowing how to do something; but it makes me try that much harder. I firmly believe that you are the master of your own fate (although I oftentimes fail to apply this to myself). And most importantly, I believe chocolate makes the world go round.

Number 4
My nominees are:

I’m Not Lost, Just Weird
Rant and Roll
The Blurred Line
Lonely Girl’s Life
The Insane and the Impossible

Love reading your blogs. Thank you for the laughs and thought-provoking posts :) Here are some questions for you:

1) What are you listening to right now (if anything? if not, what would you like to be listening to right now?)
2) What food would you hate to be without? (not basic staples – your favorite indulgences)
3) If you woke up and were transformed to the opposite sex, what would be the first thing you do?
4) If you could change your job title, what would it be? (not the job, just the title. If you don’t have a job, give a title for what you do)
5) City or beach vacation?

I’ll be sending you each a little note to let you know about your nomination! Thanks again CB and to the nominees, I’m looking forward to reading all your answers :)

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