2Kg Down

And we’re done!

All in all I must say that it was a relatively easy detox/diet to go through. 3 day really isn’t a long time, especially when your body gets used to it by day 2. On day 3 I didn’t get any headaches, I wasn’t hungry and my cravings decreased significantly (still had them, just not as horribly). I actually contemplated continuing the detox for another 2 days.

But I didn’t. And here’s why.

All the benefits I was supposed to see on this fruit flush were lost on me. I didn’t feel overly “cleansed”. My insides feel the same and I didn’t see any physical reaction/result. I did lose 2Kg – can’t lie – but I might chalk those up to water weight because my body doesn’t look different. On the morning of the second day I saw a difference, but then again, on day 1 I only had 1 meal and a few protein shakes – so I don’t know if it was actual weight lost or just a starving belly. My skin hasn’t cleared up, I didn’t have more/less energy than normal. I can’t really tell if it worked. But it wasn’t all for nothing – there are definitely a lot of positive things you can take away from this flush.

I have taken to drinking a lot more water than I normally would have, and despite the increased frequency of my bathroom visits, this is a good thing. I plan on keeping up this habit for the obvious reason of how good water is for you.

I’ve become very aware of how much mindless eating I do. And what I mean by mindless is how I’ll eat for the sake of eating and not to satisfy hunger. When I think I’m hungry, I’m actually thirsty, but since I don’t drink water, there’s an extra meal that I don’t necessarily need. Several extra meals, at that.

I eat in large portions – very large. I noticed that having smaller portions every 2-3 hours is a great way to curb hunger and the eventual over eating (I know this isn’t news to anyone, but it’s amazing how my belief in this point has changed once I actually tried it).

My meals are quite unhealthy and unbalanced. Although I normally get 2 servings of fruit in on a normal day, I eat a lot of bread, rice, heavy cheeses and creams and a lot of fatty meat. I’ve found that I can substitute a lot of things in order to feed my craving but not my hips.

SO – what does all of this mean for runningwithoutsocks? No, I’m not becoming a vegetarian or a vegan, nor am I eliminating carbs from my diet or making any seriously drastic changes. For the 2 or 3 readers that know me personally, you know that if I attempted this, it would last about two days till the weekend rolls around, then it’s back to burgers and chocolate (I still love food very much). But I will respect it in order for it to respect me in return. Everything in moderation.

Anyway – I guess I’d recommend this fast to anyone who wants to jumpstart their health/wellness goals – just keep your expectations realistic.


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