Detox Diaries – Day #2

So day 2 was much better.

Eating every two hours definitely beats the whole protein shake crap (yes, I’m still upset about that). I think I may have overdone the portions, but at the end of the day it’s fruit, so how horrible is it, really?

I started out my day with a mango, then had an apple, kiwi, green apple and finished off with an orange. When I got home I made myself a Rocca salad with a small piece of lean chicken breast, grilled… (not to perfection – it was dry and tough as hell) – just grilled.

I had a headache come on towards the end of the day, just before the oranges and my salad dinner – but it went away quickly as soon as I ate. Definitely a much better day than day 1.

I will say this – I don’t feel very different. I don’t know if this detox is doing what it’s supposed to do. I don’t feel like I have any extra energy than normal. My skin hasn’t cleared up (in fact I have two new spots residing on my chin and forehead). And I don’t think I actually lost any weight (if I did, I’m pretty sure it’s water weight that I’ll be putting back on almost immediately after I’m done with this detox – so TOMORROW).

Maybe because I didn’t follow it to the letter? Portion control? Too much chicken at dinner? (I really did only have 1 chicken breast). I’ve definitely shocked my system into a whole new way of eating and digesting, but are 3 days enough? All I know is I’ll have to take it easy before I go devour a burger – which I am craving like a mother – will be easing back into my regular eating habits over the next two days.

I will say this though, I’ve never drank this much water in my life and I have noticed that my lips are less chapped. They’re normally super dry and no amount of chapstick, vaseline, balm, whatnot ever helps. Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve even used any in the past two days. So hopefully the water habit will stick.

Also, since I believe this detox hasn’t really done much, I will continue healthy eating for a while, just to see some kind of result. By healthy eating I mean more fruits and veggies throughout the day. No junk, chocolate or alcohol on weekdays – weekends I’ll allow myself to enjoy food like I always have. That should bring around some positive changes, no?

Well, that’s the plan at least.

I’m on day 3, not feeling any which way really, I just miss food. I’m not hungry – just craving all sorts of things. Till tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Detox Diaries – Day #2

    • Day 1 was the worst solely because of those protein shakes – but now I’m just fighting all my cravings. My sister had a catering order yesterday and I was having my dinner as she was preparing all the food – I wanted to dieee!

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