Detox Diaries – Day #1

Good morning!
Day 1 was a killer – But I did it! I passed day 1! And so did the boy. And one of our other friends who decided to join us on this little adventure.

The protein shakes were difficult to swallow, literally. I didn’t drink it as “punctually” as I should have (didn’t do every two hours or the required 30 ounces) but rather made about 20-24 ounces worth and sipped it throughout the day (till about 3pm) after which I could not bring myself to make anymore. It’s awful – protein shakes are just awful! Absolute torture. And while the diet says the protein on day 1 is to preserve muscle mass, I believe that it’s to prepare us for the day of fruits – which normally would leave me starving – but after yesterdays protein debacle, I am more than happy to endure!

Around 2 or 3pm I started getting the worst headache ever and it stayed with me till I was finally able to eat something at 7pm. Truth be told my head hurt for quite some time after that as well, but I can’t take any kind of medicine so I just waited it out. I grilled up a chicken breast with salt, pepper and some lemon and had a big salad along side it. It was such a gratifying meal (bland, no fats, boring to the bone, but oh so gratifying). Made the whole day totally worth it.

Oh and did I mention how often I went pee? Sorry for the details but holy hell! I don’t normally drink so much water and I finished a whole liter yesterday (yeah I know that’s not much but I never finish a half liter usually). I kept going – almost every hour! I am hoping this is the beginning of the detox.

Come to think of it, I started on this little detox in order to kick-start my healthy – but I’m not really sure what to expect in terms of results. I’d like to shed some weight, and I don’t know if I’m being overly positive but I could swear that I’m seeing a difference already. But honestly I would love to feel that my body has been “cleansed” and I’m not quite sure on how I would measure that. But maybe I’ll just feel it – not sure. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Anyway – that was that for day 1 – success.

Day 2 has started on a high note. I have two tupperwares filled with fruit and have had my first portion of mangoes just about half an hour ago. Will be getting into some apples, oranges and kiwis throughout the rest of the day, with a grilled chicken breast to look forward to this evening.


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