Fruit Flush

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I didn’t want to post this too early because I was afraid I wouldn’t stick to it, but I am indeed doing a fruit flush. Fruit detox, 3 day cleanse, fruit diet – whatever you want to call it, I’m on it. And let me just say, a protein drink is the nastiest thing you will ever drink in your life! Couldn’t I just drink milk instead? Baah so bad!

OK so the diet – goes a little something like this:

Day 1 – Protein drinks every two hours from 8am till 4pm (in my case 9am – 5pm)
Then at 7pm – raw veggie salad with some light protein

Day 2 & 3 – Fresh fruit (1 serving) from 9am to 5pm
7pm – raw veggie salad with some light protein

Of course you’re encouraged to drink all the water you can drink! And in 3 days I am supposed to feel lighter and more energetic and I should have lost a few pounds in the process.

So far I’ve had my frist protein drink for the day, with the next one coming up in 45min. The drink is not yummy, although it’s supposed to be vanilla. Actually, let me be more specific. The taste is fine, it’s the consistency that’s throwing me off. It’s not thick like a shake or a smoothie, which I initially expected it to be. Also, it’s not even thick like milk – it’s very watery but it doesn’t taste like water. It’s just not right – I’m not loving this.

But! I’m trying desperately to get healthy so this should be a good motivator and kickstart to it all. The boy is also doing this with me and I really hope this motivates him to get moving on his “healthier lifestyle” that we both vowed to take on early in January. If nothing else, it’ll have us eating fruit for a good two days.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress – I forgot to weigh myself this morning but from my last check (a couple of weeks ago maybe?) I was at around 58Kg so we’ll go with that initial reading and see how well these 3 days do me!

Wish me luck!


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