Getting work done

runningwithoutsocks is getting a facelift!


Originally, I wanted to place an image on the side bar/menu thingy to place the Liebster Award that I got, when I realised – I don’t have a side bar/menu thingy!! Apparently all my links and stuff were on the bottom of my page – useless. So I started browsing through all the themes to find something simple but fun – I wanted some extra color and for the site to be easily navigated (all 2 pages of it) – so here we are with “something fishy”.


This is not the final product – I don’t think – but I like it just fine for now and will continue to experiment to get the look that I think will work best with my little blogamajiggy.

Google search results

Google image search results

Excuse the construction – we’ll make up our minds soon (that’d be the royal we, thank you).


3 thoughts on “Getting work done

  1. Looking at it now I’m not a fan – the font especially. Aaah!
    Any suggestions? I liked my old theme but wanted a little (emphasis on little) more to it – must have a side menu bar

    • Which one are you seeing now? I just changed it to “fresh & clean” or something, I forget the name.
      Less is more – I think I’m enjoying this one more than I did the “something fishy” – and at least you can easily navigate past posts and blogs I follow on the side :)
      Refresh and have a look, better?

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