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With this new job, I’m either hungry or over eating. Over the past 5 years I was quite fortunate to work relatively close to where I live and would go home for lunch break where I’d get to eat a nice, warm, home cooked meal and spend some time with my family. Now I work on one of the busiest streets in Amman and although the distance isn’t actually far, traffic is insane from about 9am to 7pm so by the time I make it home, I’d have to turn around and come right back, unfed.

Now I’ve always brought breakfast to the office with me, which consisted of a sandwich of sorts and some fruit and this would keep me satisfied until I got home and had lunch. Sometimes I’d even have an afternoon snack on hand so that I could balance meals throughout the day. But now, I have to bring everything with me from the morning and I’m finding it to be quite a hassle.

I never know what to bring for lunch. Our lunch meals are heavy and not easily transferred in a nice little Tupperware. Even when that is possible, I’d have to heat it, which involves me going to the cafeteria (and I’m not feeling quite that social just yet). So I’m eating my food cold, or just not bringing lunch with me at all. And neither of those are sustainable options!

So far my day tastes like this:

9:00am – Lemon water to drink first thing in the morning (I’m not a fan of coffee or tea)

10:00am – Pita bread with cheese and some kind of cold cuts

11:30 am – An apple

1:30pm/2:00pm – *Lunch* (sometimes I save the sandwich for lunch and just have an apple for breakfast)

4:00pm – An orange

6:30pm – Dinner – whatever was cooking at home

Any suggestions on easy to prepare, cold lunches that I can bring with me to work? I figure this will help me regulate my meals and watch out for unhealthy habits, so I might as well take advantage. Eventually I’ll grow some balls and will be able to heat up food in the cafeteria, but for the time being, try to cater your suggestions to the introvert that eats at her desk.



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