Just another random post

Stay-cation was lovely. Whoever said that unemployment would lead to boredom and frustration is an idiot. I loved not having to go to work. And at first I thought it was because of the job I was in. But having completed one week at my new job, I can honestly say I am not a fan of the 9-5 (or in my case, 9-6).

I am not without ambition. I would just prefer to do things I like. They say, “find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life.” But I’m not quite sure what I like. Or if I’d be any good at doing whatever it is I like. In all cases, it’s not a question of ambition but rather a matter of laziness and impatience. And I don’t have the financial luxury to spend time figuring it out. So 9-6 it is.

Anyway, I got a week off, which I am thankful for and thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t check off most of the things I had on my to-do list, but then again, having a to-do list on vacation is plain silly. It wasn’t a total waste. It wasn’t a waste at all. I took a drum lesson (turns out I don’t play the drums very well, despite what my friends thought the first time they heard me play). I read a little bit. I did some therapy. I spent time at home. I slept. A lot. I took a break.

I was productive! I did some arts and crafts. The boy and I are working on a savings scheme for the year where you put away money equal to the number of the week for every week of the year (so 1 dollar (or JD) for week 1, 2 dollars for week 2, 3 dollars for week 3, etc). The gradual investment is easy to follow because for the most part, you’re not putting away too much that it makes a dent in your pocket. But after the 52 weeks are up you’ve saved a nice little sum to work with. Currently we’re working towards saving for a trip at the beginning of next year, unless something else comes up that would require those funds.

I decorated mason jars (locked up with a little pad lock – nicer than the ugly tin cans with the slit) with magazine clippings that had motivational images/messages for us to keep up with the savings.

This is the one I made for the boy

This is the one I made for the boy

Week 7 and we’re at a total of 28JD savings. I hope we keep it up!

Alas, the week ended and I got ready to jump in to yet, another new job. I’m reluctant to write about it just yet. There are negatives and positives and I tend to dwell on the former, solely because it’s new and scary and I’m second guessing myself, so I’m going to wait before I make my judgement – or before I voice those judgements to the interwebs. People are friendly, it’s a professional environment, which I’m not used to and all signs point to this being a very good career shift for me. So we’ll see.

Happy valentine’s day everyone! Hope you all spend it with loved ones :)


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