Fall Training

Today is day 3 of unemployment. I regret to inform you that I haven’t run a single meter. But that’s OK. I’m not going to beat up on myself, so you’re not allowed to either.

To be honest, I haven’t done much of what I had originally planned to do and I’m feeling a little frustrated. But I’m also trying to accept and enjoy that I have been relaxing and that I can afford the time to do nothing. It’s difficult because I’ve invested a lot in making sure that this week would be productive and fun-filled, but things don’t always work out like you want them to.

I do still have another….6 days? Anyway, it’s not a complete failure. And here’s why.

Friday – McDonald’s has finally introduced their breakfast menu in Jordan <woohoo!> And no, I’m not a fan of the egg Mcmuffin or whatever it is the boy ordered for me. But he was excited. And so were my other friends. So we did that. I then spent the rest of the day with my family, as I normally do on Fridays. Everyone comes over for lunch and we eat and sit around and bum.

What was especially notable about this Friday, was my trip down memory lane. I busted out my laptop to show my cousin pictures of her daughter when she was born. I had rummaged through my hard drive and found a ton of pictures I hadn’t looked through in years, so we decided to go through them together. Almost 3 hours later (and having travelled back to the year 2005), I found the project that I would begin working on during my week of unemployment.


Or photobooks, actually, since I don’t have many “scraps”, but rather tons and tons of photos. I am currently going through the pictures I have and picking out the ones I want to feature and will let you know how it goes. So far it’s great because it’s helped me remember who I am – just looking at everything I’ve done in the past 8 odd years – makes it a little easier for me to be myself without worrying what everyone will think. They were there 8 years ago and they’re still here today. Clearly, I did something right!


Saturday – Saturday was a good day. Most of the day uneventful, with a few errands to get out of the way. I tried to move through the day as slowly as possible, for two reasons. 1) I hadn’t done anything I had planned to do on my vacation yet, so I needed time to stretch. 2) I was hoping to avoid an appointment I had at 7:00pm.

OK so appointment sounds a little daunting. Which to me, it was. But it’s not as horrible as it sounds. The boy and I, along with another couple, have been taking an indoor climbing course to get certified. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before, but I am actually quite scared of climbing. Part of it is the height. The bigger part is falling. I’m terrified that something horrible will happen to me. And yesterday’s lesson, the last of a 3 part course, was on – you guessed it – fall training.


7:00pm could take its sweet ass time.

But alas, as it always does, 7:00pm came and I found myself at the climbing center (is it a center? I’m not quite sure what the facility would be called). I immediately told our instructor how eager I was to get up on that wall and voluntarily fall off. Hoping and praying that one of my friends would be able to catch me. Super excited. He laughed.

Well turns out, on the agenda for the day was a recap of everything we had learned in order to prove ourselves worthy of the certification. The initial check before a climb. How to warm up. How to wear the harness. How to tie the ropes. Partner check. Belaying. Climbing techniques. And how to fall.

I blazed through all the requirements until it came time to fall. I couldn’t even bring myself to climb half way up the wall. (I don’t usually get past 3 quarters), but this time around, I was barely getting off the floor. Well, my instructor let me do a “baby fall” and was satisfied enough. Under normal circumstances, you will  never really fall more than a meter tops, if at all, so the fact that I was able to let go of the wall and resign myself to the rope was good enough for him.

Of course, once I saw my boy and our friends drop off the wall like flies without a care in the world, I felt crappy that I wasn’t able to do it as well. So I got back on the wall. Got myself a little more than half ways up. And I fell. Granted, I didn’t fall as far as the rest. But I fell! And that’s enough for me.

I am now a certified indoor climber! With a fancy A4 certificate print out and everything! And as far as my vacation plans go, I’m quite pleased with this accomplishment.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to run, or try yoga, or play any instruments, or even get started on the photo book. I will. But if it doesn’t go the way I planned, I’m still happy that I was able to do something this week.


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