Head start on healthy

Friday was ambitious. In a positive way.

The boy and I had planned to go for a run. I figured there’s no reason I have to wait till February 1st to get started with my running plans. Now’s as good a time as any! So run it is.

Well, I woke up late on Friday (10:30) and the boy was still asleep. I didn’t have the heart to wake him, so I figured we’d put our running plans on hold. I was; however, determined not to make it one of my usual, lazy Fridays. Spending the better half of the day in bed (as heavenly as that sounds) was just not an option anymore. I was going to get out of bed and do something. And in the spirit of healthy that I am hoping to adopt (as a lifestyle and not just a recurring phase), I decided to make a smoothie.

Now this is not my first smoothie attempt, but it is a new recipe. I downloaded a great app that has a bunch of great smoothie recipes for all kinds of goals (detox, weight loss, immunity boosting, etc.) I had attempted one of the recipes earlier in the week. Reluctantly, I’ve posted a picture.

Spinach, carrot juice (not in this case), oranges and ginger

Spinach, carrot juice (not in this case), oranges and ginger

In my defense! I don’t have a juicer – so I used full on carrots in the blender, instead of juice, which the recipe asked for. That made it thick. Really thick! And this was the first time I make a smoothie using vegetables – I’m used to the fruit and yoghurt and yumminess. So green was not the most visually appetizing outcome. But it tasted good. Well, it tasted ALRIGHT. But for next time I know what to do different so that it doesn’t come out all nasty lookin’.

But! Friday was another attempt. A wildly more successful attempt! I made a scrumptious ginger smoothie. The ingredients helped, because they made sense to me. No greens. Pure fruity goodness. And ginger. And honey. How could one go wrong? One didn’t.
Ginger smoothie love

Ginger smoothie love

Yum. Eee. Scrumptious!! It was soooooo good. And it got me motivated to do more healthy and wonderful things. So I went for a run after all. Now the run… the run was less than exciting. I set out to run a nice, short 3K run. Which I didn’t assume to be overly ambitious, because, well, it’s only 3K! But I guess my body thought otherwise – specifically, my lungs – and I did not complete the full 3K. About half way through, although my legs were ready to continue, my asthma kicked in and I could not keep up anymore. So I walked it off, sucked on my puffer till I could finally breathe without whistling and went home to wallow in self-pity and a new resolve to quit smoking. This is what my run looked like:

Friday's painful attempt

Friday’s painful attempt


I’m not giving up. On running. Or smoking. But I am cutting down (on the latter, of course). I hope to eventually quit, but for right now I really don’t want to. So cutting down will have to do (it’s currently noon and I have yet to have a smoke).

I told myself that it’s been a good 6 months since I last went on a run – so it’s OK that I couldn’t finish. The 1.5K I ran is better than not running at all. Right?

Right. I’m not second guessing myself.

So there will be more running. Now and during my 10 day break. And afterwards. It will be a much slower progression than I had originally hoped it to be. But progress is progress. I’ll keep you updated!


Happy Sunday to you all – hope you have a productive and healthy week :)


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