10 Days Off

The 31st of January will be my last day in advertising!

Google Images: Search result "happy dance"

Google Images: Search result “happy dance”


Yes. Cause for celebration. And in said celebration, I will have 10 days off to do whatever my heart desires! Emphasis on the word “do”. I cannot and will not spend 10 days at home doing nothing. I will not waste my time. I will not get bored and upset (and eventually manic with rage). I will doooooooo things.

Some of the things I have planned are:

  • Running – I need to get back to working out. Running especially. I really enjoy it, but it’s so easy to get lazy. I have 10 days. That should allow for at least – 8 runs. Hopefully this one goal (small small goal) will be accomplished. I will try.
  • Music – I used to play so many instruments and stopped playing for one reason or another. And not just playing around and experimenting. Full on music lessons and what not. But college or afterschool activities or something always put it on hold and I never went back. So during my 10 days of freedom, I will dedicate some time into getting re-acquainted with one of these instruments (piano, drums or guitar). There’s a little music school next to my house and so I figure this would be a great opportunity for me to take advantage!
  • Yoga – I’m still playing with this idea. I’m not a fan (although many people absolutely love it and constantly sing its praises). But, my therapist thinks it’ll be good for me. That it’ll teach me discipline and will get that nasty “I can’t” voice out of my head. So we’ll see. I need to at least research the different classes that are offered all over and which would be best for me. Iffy on this one.
  • Nothing – Yes, I need to plan this one. I need to plan on spending some time doing nothing. And to not be afraid of doing it. This is going to be a challenge, but it’ll definitely give me something to write about (yay complaints coming your way!)

Now, obviously I’d like to continue these activities past my 10 day vacation – but for now I’ll have the time to get into the groove of it with no distraction or excuse to keep me from doing them.

Why am I putting so much emphasis on these 10 days and trying to fill them up with things to do? I’ve come to realise that I have no idea what I like. Or what I want. Because I’ve constantly allowed myself to do what others like and what others want for so long that I can’t make a decision for myself.

No, no. This is not a pity party. I have enjoyed doing whatever it is that I’ve been doing, even though I didn’t decide it. I have tons of fun with my friends and I enjoy hanging out and being around people who I love. But the idea here is, that I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it is that I really like. I have an inclination – I know I like to be active. I know I like being outdoors (for the most part). I know that I like to wander and explore. I like music. I like to sing (even though I can’t really hold a tune anymore). I enjoy good music. I like dancing. I like to eat (not so big on the cooking, I have to admit). So I’m going to take that as a start and see what else I like.

The most important part of this mission is that I do these things alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love company! I almost always prefer to share an experience with someone rather than do it alone because, what’s the point in doing it alone? Sharing is so great, especially when it’s fun and makes you happy and smile. But, I never do anything alone (because I really don’t like to). So I have to learn to just be with me rather than depend on company all the time. That’s the not so exciting part of all this. But everyone else will be busy with work anyway (or might not actually be super excited to do any of these things with me) so alone it is.

Alone and fabulous!

If you have any fun ideas for a one day activity – please share! Would love some ideas :)


8 thoughts on “10 Days Off

  1. wow, aren´t you the lucky one knowing that it is coming to an end. Your plan sounds good, although I do not fancy the idea of Yoga either, can´t get my head around it. How about a leasure treat at a spa, even if it is just for a swim and sauna? it could fall under the category of nothing with a twist? Other than this, don´t know but I will try and think of something really mean ;-)

  2. Woot! Enjoy those ten days :)

    Why not treat yourself to a massage? Get up, go for a cracking run, and then head to your RMT for a sweet, deep tissue experience. Then go for a lovely late lunch, and just bask in the relaxation! xx

  3. Golly, I have missed reading your posts! I’m glad you’re leaving the new gig you’re not too fond of – congrats!

    Ugh. I do badly want to give yoga a try as well, but it seems so silly. It’s also really expensive in Washington, DC, so I’m not sure if I can convince myself to try it because of the cost.

    Doing nothing is great, but the above suggestions are great because you are technically doing nothing, but have the added joy of relaxation and destressing at its finest!

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