the spastic musings of a wednesday morning

The first thing that came to mind this morning was the word: kafuffle (which admittedly, I thought was actually “curfuffle” till about 30 seconds ago). That was my first thought after hitting the snooze button and curling up into a ball in an attempt to get warm.


Source: Google Images – “wordy words” search result

This isn’t as random as it seems, as it turns out, after giving it some thought, that I heard this word (random side note/video here) in a movie yesterday. I decided I like the word, but in my original hearing of it “carfuffle” (which it also turns out is another way to say it, so I’m OK). I started thinking about other words that I like. The meaning of these words have no bearing on whether I like them or not. I’ve like these words (list to follow) purely because of how they sound. They’re a mouthful – they really give your jaw a work out. They seem like the kind of word that you have to pause after just so that it can linger a bit. They’re an accomplishment in and of themselves. Say it out loud, you’ll understand what I mean. Carfuffle. Such a fun word!

OK – more fun words

Tumultuous.  Befuddle.  Ubiquitous.  Juxtaposition.  Swash buckler.  Vociferous.

I can’t think of anymore.

But there are tons more. I’ve just put myself on the spot and now I can’t remember all of them. Dammit. They were good. But, I think you get my gist, no? Try it out, say some of them out loud. Be aware of how your mouth moves. It’s even more fun when you say them with a horrible British accent (I say horrible not because I think the accent is in fact, horrible, but because when I try to imitate it, it’s absolute shite). Let me know what are some of your favorite words, maybe you’ll jog my memory a bit!


Another random thought of the morning. Or not thought really, but something I’d like to share. I talk to the radio hosts I listen to while I’m in the car. Only I’m not really talking to them as much as I’m making fun of them. If you heard some of the presenters on the lovely stations of Jordan, you’d totally understand. But what’s especially interesting (not really interesting really, but I couldn’t think of another word – I’m all blocked up), is that I noticed how mean I am. I don’t feel any kind of remorse, that’s totally not where this is going. But had those presenters been able to hear me, they’d think I was the biggest bitch ever. Hahahahaha (evil laugh) They truly are horrible presenters.

So one of them talks with so much enthusiasm, I worry that he’s going to hurt himself. He’s ALWAYS upbeat. Al-ways. Which is great – truth be told he’s the best of the bunch (all 6 radio stations and 12 odd presenters). But it can’t be healthy. This one, and a few of his peers (2 or 3 others) are not Jordanian and actually have radio experience, which is why they’re not so bad.

Source: Google Images - "Punch in the face" search result

Source: Google Images – “Punch in the face” search result

Another type is the typical “Ammani” girl (this won’t make sense to you if you don’t live in Amman, sorry) that speaks as though she’s talking to a girlfriend on the phone, rather than presenting on the radio. They don’t complete their thoughts, but instead will say, “you knoooowwaah??” No, I don’t “knowah”, bitch. (The know”ah” is a very Ammani way of stretching words and consonants to make them seem as if they’re vowels. Why words are pronounced like this is beyond me.) They giggle and if they attempt a joke, totally destroy the punch line, and are all around ridiculous. These are the ones I talk back to most. (LJ if you’re reading this, know that I’m thinking about you).

Then you have your local guys. Who are ALRIGHT. The problem with these guys is that they think they’re HILARIOUS. And they’re so not. When they’re sticking to presenting songs and talking about the actual music, they’re good and will offer up some info you didn’t know before about the artist. But once they go off on a tangent…. they’re off. Have you ever gotten that feeling when you’re watching a movie (or just anyone really) doing something really stupid and you want to tell them to stop but you can’t? And you get embarrassed for them and it’s not even funny anymore cuz it’d be mean to laugh, but you really want to? That’s how I feel listening to these guys. You were doing so well – why? Why?

Anyway, I don’t listen to any of them for long and I’ll almost immediately switch the channel once I hear any of them speak, but today, every time I switched over, I’d hear another one, and another. So I bitched them all out and turned off the radio.



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