django & osmosis jones

Winter has come early!

I realise it’s January, but winter in Jordan, for the past few years anyway, has usually been tolerable until late February or March when we finally get snow and sub-zero temperatures (and by sub-zero I mean -1 or -2 degrees Celsius). It’ll rain every now and again and we’ll have sunny days and poopy days, but overall it’s OK. This year, we got our first snow this past Wednesday. Totally unprepared, I spent the day on the couch doing not much of anything. Rather than enjoy the welcomed break, I got restless, of course, and was quickly bored out of my mind.

I ate through most of the fridge. I doubted my relationship and cried over whether the boy truly loved me or not. If I was going to be stuck at home for another day, this pity party wasn’t going to work. So I went to my sister’s place, where a card game, her tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, her lovely puppy and movie time with her husband knocked me back to my senses. (Note the boy picked me up and drove me over there, which was also a plus!)

I am not going to dwell on the feelings of insecurity I had or where it was coming from, or what it all really means. I pay a lovely woman on a weekly basis to tell me that I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up and how terrified I am of finding out. Instead, I’m going to tell you about the movie we watched and just ramble on from there.

Let me start off by saying that Django is a great movie and that I should’ve known that as a Tarantino flick, there would be blood. And lots of it. I spent the better half of the movie peering over the top of my arm as I covered my eyes. “I wanna watch but I can’t!” What’shisface did a really good job – Jamie Foxx. For a second I couldn’t remember who he was, but I’m not so good at actors/celebrities names and whatnot. But overall, very good movie. Highly recommended (and for the weak hearted – just keep a pillow near by that you can hide behind, but trust that you’ll want to watch it anyway).

After the movie, at about 1am, I couldn’t really go to sleep right away. I’m telling you, there was a LOT of blood. I had to watch something lighter so I could get my mind off of the craziness we had just witnessed. So we turn the channel to whatever’s playing and find Osmosis Jones. I’ve never seen or heard of this movie ever. And for good reason, it’s kind of dumb. Basically (or what I got from watching about 20 minutes of it) it’s a half animated/half real people movie (quite savvy with the movie lingo, no?) about a man that’s getting sick and how the cells in the body fight the germs. The medicine is a special forces unit that comes in to fix the problem when the body’s cells can’t take care of it themselves. And what starts out as a cold, turns out to be a much deadlier illness (the villain) – I didn’t watch long enough to figure out what illness it was exactly, or if the guy beat it or not – didn’t find it especially interesting.

But what I DID find funny, is that the whole scenario of cells fighting and beating up the sick cells is pretty much what goes through my mind when I take medicine. Do you guys get like that? If I wake up with a sore throat, I’ll drink some lemon water and imagine all the vitamin C cells beating up the bad sore throat cells and it makes me feel like it’s working, that I’ll get better quicker. I think this comes from an advert that I once saw for this medicine that gets rid of mucus. The mucus puts together a home in the person’s lungs and is hanging out watching TV and the medicine is so powerful and strong that it just blows the mucus away. It’s all hanging on the TV for dear life, trying to stay in the lungs, but the medicine makes the person cough it out. Silly, but super effective in my mind.

Maybe it’s the whole energies thing. You get what you put out. Positive thinking brings positive results. OR (and more likely), maybe it’s just good medicine doing what it’s supposed to do. But I’ll tell you this – it makes an illness a little more entertaining, even if only for a little bit.

I googled “orange vitamin C ninjas” because I was SURE I’d find a picture of what I imagine (just to show you guys so you get a better idea) and whaddayakknow?! Hahaha it’s not quite it, but it’s pretty close.

Google: Orange Vitamin C Ninjas

Google: Orange Vitamin C Ninjas


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