2013 – let’s try this again

So in my last blog post (almost 5 months ago) I promised that I wouldn’t wait another 2-3 months to post again. Good news is, I was true to my promise. Bad news is I haven’t been around in almost double that time. And with the new year comes the resolve to do better, accomplish more, become a different person – to be better, so I’m giving it another shot.

Past experience has proven that this is the perfect plan to fail (the “be better resolution plan”), so I will make no such promises this time around. What I will do, is promise to try.

I will try to blog more often. Run more often. Be thankful more often. I promise to smile more often. Do good more often. Not beat myself up AS often.

I promise to generally be more accepting.

Upon logging in today, I found that I was nominated for a “blog of the year” award, which was highly unexpected and extremely flattering. Special thanks to crazybunny66 for the thumbs up! It means quite a bit and has definitely encouraged me to log back on and put in my rambling two cents every now and then. (Crazybunny66, you’ll have to let me know this whole “rules” situation and what I’m supposed to do next.)

Quick updates and the reason I’m back:

  • I’ve quit my job. Yes, the new job that I accepted 6 months ago and pretty much despised within the first month. This is a tricky move, as I may be setting myself up for another disappointment, but the challenge here is to correct my past mistakes in order not to repeat them in this new gig. I am leaving the agency life, which I believe will contribute largely to the intended success and happiness I am looking for, so fingers crossed!
  • I’ve managed to fall out of my gym routine again – two months lazy now and not overly thrilled about it. I will go back, sooner rather than later, and it will be glorious.
  • The boy has been great. Almost 9 months and still going strong. Several ups and downs but together every step of the way, so no complaints there (no immediate complaints, anyway, but you know me ;) Wait for it…)
  • Soul searching was the original name of the game, in regards to this blog, and still is. Again, I may not post updates regularly, but I will make an honest effort to write more often, because I’ve found it really does help.


I have one, which extends into quite a project, but one to which I will dedicate myself fully to, and on this I am determined not to fail. In 2013, my sole aim will be to speak my truth. I have no doubt that this resolution will be with me for life, and it is for this reason, specifically, that I am back online.

Speaking my truth includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Speaking my mind
  • Finding out what it is I want, even if it means experiencing several things I don’t want
  • Not apologizing for things I’m not responsible for and not actually sorry about
  • Being honest with myself and others
  • Appreciating myself
  • Accepting myself

For those reading this blog for pure entertainment value, have no fear. I am sure I will bitch and make mindless judgements and say absolutely atrocious things that you know you shouldn’t laugh at, but do anyways because it’s deliciously evil that way. I will do my best to make this ride as entertaining for you as I hope it will be successful for me.

Till next time, cheers!


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