best. boyfriend. everrrrr.

Can I brag?

I’m gonna brag.

I have the best boyfriend.



Earlier today, we’re talking and the conversation goes like this:

Me: “Man, I want chocolate, I haven’t had chocolate in forever. I just realized I haven’t had chocolate since before I traveled. It’s been more than 2 weeks! <horror>”

Boy: “What kind of chocolate do you want babe?”

Me: “Galaxy. Smooth milk. Mmm it’s so good, you could bathe in it. Baby, remind me to pick some up at lunch.”

Boy: “Ok baby.”

I go to lunch, sleep a little, have a bite to eat and come back to the office. I realise I didn’t pick up chocolate and figure, “eeh – later.”


I get online and the boy is ON IT.

Boy: “Baby, remember to buy chocolate.”

Me: “Good one! Thanks!” (Couldn’t very well let him know that I remembered and decided not to get any, he was so good to remind me!)


So I take a poll at the office and see who wanted to get stuff from the little supermarket next door, and no one wants to order a thing. Meaning buddy from the supermarket won’t deliver if it’s only one item. Meaning no chocolate for me.


Button face (the boy), quite concerned with my chocolate craving (he’s seen the consequences of this craving gone unfulfilled) calls me up as he’s on his way to a meeting. He asks me if I got my chocolate and I explain that no one wanted to order so mean mister from the market won’t deliver.


Boy: “Aww baby, I’ll get you chocolate when I see you”

Me: “Don’t worry boob, later.”


Boy goes to his meeting, I get back to my busy, busy schedule of Facebook and Pinterest. And just as I’m nodding off, (almost 40 minutes have passed by now) my phone rings.


Boy: “Hi babe, you at the office?”

Me: “Yup!”

Boy: “Come outside.”


So out I go and what does the boy have for me? Hershey’s kisses and two bars of Galaxy smooth milk chocolate.


I totally get to brag.



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