change is a bitch

Sorry to keep you all hanging for so long! I’ve made a decision – it’s a big one – one that will definitely change the dynamics of this blog.



<insert fireworks here!>


Yes. I quit my job. The job that I’ve loved to hate for the past year. The job that threw me into the world of advertising. The job that has given me my first two gray hairs (yes, only 2). The job that has made me cry for days on end. Where I made great relationships, both personal and professional. Where I learned to accept criticism. The job that taught me to be tough (still not quite there, but I’m learning). The job that has kept me up many nights. Where I laughed for hours while waiting for creative to finish a deliverable. The job that taught me about success and loss and how to keep on moving.


3 years and 6 months later, I submitted my resignation.


Which translated into a 36 second conversation with my boss, as he nonchalantly looked up at me, snickered and sarcastically told me to “go for it” once I told him I had gotten an opportunity elsewhere that I wished to pursue. So much for my relationships.


That definitely wasn’t the reaction I wanted to receive. I hate that he was judging me. And I hate that it bothered me so much what he thought of me. But it did. And now I’m over it.


I can’t help what he thinks. I’m sure it was a blow to the ego, but I had to do it. Lord knows my ego’s taken enough of a beating this past year. The company’s not doing so well and I’m not the first to resign. I’m about the 10th – things really aren’t going his way. But it was a long time coming and I’m actually quite excited about starting fresh! Terrified. But it’ll be good for me.

So no more bitching about my job (I hope). Here’s to a bright and productive future!


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