Project GAL #2: Late Spring Cleaning

You know when you want to get busy, but then you’re too busy to be busy? Yeah. But I’m not giving up on my project just yet.

I didn’t make my cookies, as I had promised, but I did get some Spring cleaning in this weekend. And boy oh boy did I find some treasures! :D


I hoard – or I used to, at least. And at the very top of my closet are boxes and boxes of papers and files and things I figured I might need one day. I’ve found birthday cards and notes from friends and teachers. I found notes that my students wrote me from when I briefly subbed at my old highschool. Transcripts, recommendation letters, post cards, emails to friends, love letters, break up letters, club wrist bands, joint wrappers (good ol’ Amsterdam) and other trash that I hold oh so dear. 10 years later, I still found it difficult to part with a few things.


Among the many treasures I found was my Honor choir audition tape:

Still looking for a tape player to hear this!


I don’t remember if this was the year I got in or not – I guess I’ll find out when/if I listen to the tape. I do remember when I did get in – one of the proudest moments of my life! Now, it’s just funny – I was in the choir (dork, much?) But, in all fairness, this dork was chosen to a choir of 120 members out of thousands of applicants. Worldwide. Yeah, I’m the awesomest dork ever.


Another find, equally dorky, only without justification or honor, is my cow collection. Yes, I was obsessed with all things cow.

Worse than people like me who buy these things must be the people who make them.


In addition to this awesome CD pouch, mobile holder and other thing (not quite sure what it’s for), I also had a cow print purse and matching handbag, socks and slippers, earrings and other accessories. This obsession lasted through highschool – thank God for higher education!


I found a birthday card my friends had given me on my 18th birthday – nothing special but it was quite funny, so I figured I’d share.

Outside of the card



Quite the fitting card – 10 years later and my chest hasn’t grown one bit. My ass on the other hand, well let’s just say the toilet paper’s working ;)


It was fun going through all that stuff. I found some mementos from my father, which made me cry. But I also found tons of cards and letters and gifts from people who had a lot of really nice things to say about me. Teachers, students, friends, colleagues – people I had known for years and people I had known for a few weeks – all of them with such positive thoughts and well wishes. So I didn’t throw them out. I held onto them. Again.


But this time – I will take this positivity and pour it into “Project Get a Life”. I’m going to make a scrapbook from some of the things I found to create a “happy times” book; a reference of fun and good memories that will remind me of how worthy I am. This will be another weekend project, for sure, so I won’t be able to share that any time soon. Will be sure to fill my time this week with fun and non-sensical stuff so that I keep busy and keep you entertained!


Until then, I leave you with a drawing my roommate had done of us back in Uni – the Egyptian Vixen and the Bajan Invasion!

International super heroes! Beware!


2 thoughts on “Project GAL #2: Late Spring Cleaning

  1. you know, I am so glad I am not the only horder in the universe ;-) My cellar is absolutely packed with stuff and like you, I find it difficult to part with it, especially if it involves stuff from my kids. I do, however, have two massive “ghetto blasters” i.e. tape recorders if you want to borrow them ;-)

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