Project GAL #1: Spinach and Gruyere Lasagne – Serves 6

I did it! I cooked! And it was edible!! Unbelievable, I know. ‘Tis true!


My best friend helped me go through several dinner options until she came across this recipe and shared it with me :



Off to the store I went where I picked up the ingredients to get started on this little adventure. Of course, my sister was with me the entire time – she’s a phenomenal cook so I held her hostage so that she could supervise. Cooking is scary shit! Whoever said it was therapeutic was lying. I was freaking out the entire time. From buying the ingredients to preparing them to actually cooking – so stressful. Once I started the sauce my sister told me she would have to go home. No lie, I got scared. I was ready to turn off the stove and just call it quits.


Once she saw the terror in my eyes, I think she understood that this was a little more than a blog project. Maybe it’s because I knew I’d have an audience. Or maybe because I can’t stand the thought of not perfecting something. Maybe it’s therapeutic in the sense that it makes you realise things about yourself.

In all cases – it’s not a calming exercise. Or not for me anyway.


Anyway – got my stuff together and prepared all the ingredients based on my little recipe. I’ll stop talking now and let the pictures tell my story – they are, after all, worth a thousand words, no? (Lord knows I talk enough as it is – as we say at home “I’ve swallowed a radio” – it sounds better in Arabic)


I later found out that half of this wasn’t necessary and that the recipe was “trying too hard”.

Threw it all in! Looks exotic, no?

I don’t know how to chop – apparently there’s a “way” so that you don’t slice off your fingers… so much to learn!

It all shrank!

I’m messy.

Now I’ve got my sauce almost ready – just need to stir.

Almost there!

Final product! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!

And we’re done!


Side note – the word “nomnom” will auto correct to “bombing” on an iPhone – learned this while I was trying to name the images.


The result! Looks lovely….tastes…OK. It needed salt, but I’m not a huge fan of salt anyway so I guess that’s not too much of a problem – people can add to taste. Also, not enough sauce – the sauce was really thick to begin with. Apparently I’m allowed to move off recipe and thin out the sauce, just need to use my “judgement”. Only I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I’ll know for next time that’s for sure. Finally, pasta was a little undercooked.

Personally, I doubt I’d make this particular dish again, only because there’s no meat. After all that prep time and cooking, I was a little unsatisfied. But at least I know how to make cream/cheese sauce whatever!

What was particularly great about yesterday wasn’t that I finally learned to cook something other than dessert (which is nice of course), but it was especially nice to see how much support I was getting! At home and online! It’s just cooking and it’s just a meal – but I was really self-conscious about how it would turn out. Turns out I could have cooked mud covered in kitty litter and thorns and everyone would’ve eaten it and told me it was great. I’m surrounded with some great people – truly lucky :) And I’m not a half bad cook!


Project #2 – Chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Sorry Betty, won’t be needing your services this time.


4 thoughts on “Project GAL #1: Spinach and Gruyere Lasagne – Serves 6

  1. wow!!! WELL DONE – I am not commenting on the pictures inbetween, but the end result looks really yummy ;-) Seriously, I think you did brilliantly. Never tried this recipe but I might give it a go (actually MR CB is the dab hand in the kitchen ;-) ). And yes, I do like all the pics, of course. Mind sending a couple of cookies across to Germany for me to sample them? ;-)

    • Hahaha thank you, thank you! It tasted better the next day – that or I was really hungry!
      Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make the cookies yesterday – was too busy to get busy! But it’s on the agenda for today, will definitely send some your way ;) cheers!

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