project “get a life”

Alright folks. Like I said, I need to get busy. And I’ll need your help.


I need a project. I need something to get started on that has an end date not too far away because I’m not patient and I tend to lose focus quickly and need immediate results to feel accomplished. So let’s say a month-long project because I’ll be traveling in June. Starting today to the day I travel is 25 days.

So 25 days of what?


This is where you come in, my lovely readers; and for 2 reasons:

  1. You’ll be reading daily updates of “project get a life in 25 days” so it’d be nice if I chose something that you were particularly interested in
  2. I can’t think of anything exciting to do and your suggestions will most definitely open up some new opportunities/avenues for me to explore



  1. The project should be something that I can do on a daily basis
  2. Should involve minimal financial investment
  3. As always, my blog is anonymous so I won’t be able to share pictures of people (not faces anyway)


I figure these aren’t huge restrictions – I can’t wait to get your suggestions!

I hope to be starting this today so that I have something to do to occupy my time after work. I’ve thought of maybe learning to cook something new everyday or maybe trying to make accessories (both are things I’m not really into, but maybe if I try it I’ll find a hidden talent and get famous or rich or something). Again, I’m open to anything! Hope to hear from you soon!


6 thoughts on “project “get a life”

  1. give me a couple of minutes to think of something, surely we can come up with some nice ideas ;-)

  2. Maybe cooking a foreign meal, one for every country your followers are from? Mind you, that could be quite expensive on foodstuff again.
    Does it have to be one topic or could it be maybe one per day, different once each time?
    My, this is more difficult than I thought ;-)

  3. learn a foreign language and post your process here, I know, 25 days aren´t that long but still….

    • Ha I was waiting for your comments! It is quite difficult right? We could do one thing a day. I like the cooking idea – language might be tough.
      I’ll cook something up today! Thanks!!

      • more difficult than I initially thought, admittedly ;-) cooking sounds good, but you have to share the outcome here, maybe with pictures and if you invite your friend, then she/he can write a review ;-)
        Do you live near a river? How about a canoeing trip? We are planning one within then next couple of weeks, pal and I are getting “restless”, too ;-)

      • I’ve posted my first attempt at lasagna ever! Check it out, wasn’t half bad.
        I’d love to go canoeing, but I live in a desert :p No water anywhere close. I’ll be making cookies tonight and then venture onto non-kitchen related projects – stay tuned! And enjoy your trip :)

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