Dear Diary

I was 27 years old the last time I put up a blog post! Oh, how time flies ;)

So I’ve got work on the brain and the work ethic that I work with and the work ethic (or lack there of) of the people I work with and around. Quick disclaimer: I know I make blanket generalizations and lump everyone under the “asshole” umbrella, but I’m sure you understand that there are indeed exceptions to these judgements. If not, well then you’re an asshole for not giving me the benefit of the doubt.

Having said that – I really don’t understand how people function the way they do. Or rather, how I’m still functioning in the environment that I’m in!

Examples of my daily dilemmas:

  1. Client wants to book media. I prepare a plan with the current rates that I can offer. The client wants better rates. Management gives it to them instantly. Result: I’ve lost credibility in front of the client and have now booked media at a loss.
  2. Creative team is overwhelmed with a pitch that the MD has imposed on everyone. Client briefs are delayed. Client bitches me out. Management bitches me out. Result: I have to stay late at the office (and no, we don’t get paid overtime) to make sure we can deliver. Management is home at 6.
  3. Client requests cost to purchase images. Client approves the cost. 15 days later – still no images. (Mind you, it takes about 3 minutes to purchase an image online). Escalate to MD and his reply is “remind me EOW”. Result: Client bitches me out – further loss of credibility.

The list goes on – these are examples from this week only. And I’ve cut them short because I figure the pattern is quite obvious. And this is not to say that I’m without fault 100% – I do make mistakes, but who doesn’t? My point is that although resources at our office are extremely limited – our management keeps taking on work that we cannot handle, uses account handlers as scapegoats, swoops in to save the day and make us all look useless.

On second thought, more examples – just for fun:

  1. Last week our department head left. Needless to say, some clients were less than excited about this new development. However, she was able to assure them they would be left in good hands (i.e., mine and those of the other account handlers). Our MD (God bless him) writes up an email to emphasize that they will not be affected by our CSD’s resignation and confirms that HE will personally handle their business. WTF?
  2. I get an email from my one of my clients (addressed to the MD) saying “We’ll be starting with X for the upcoming campaign.” I call the client to ask what he’s referring to (to my knowledge, there is no campaign) and he proceeds to debrief me on the strategy meeting that was held with the MD and the campaign that will launch next week. Excuse me if I repeat myself, but – WTF?


I cannot deny that management has supported me in less-than-OK-times, namely the MD. He has made sure that I get what I want and that I am comfortable. I feel indebted. My loyalty to this company goes beyond all logic and I cannot bring myself to leave.

But again, although he has sustained a great personal relationship with me, I feel that I have been over-looked professionally – and at the end of the day, that is where my true interest lies – this is a job.

I have a job interview tomorrow and I feel guilty just thinking about going! And it’s only the interview!

And I keep going back and forth in my mind to the point that I’ve near lost it! What to do?


Will keep you posted on the job interview – fingers crossed!


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