Sunday Confessional

It’s been so long! Where do I begin?


1) I really don’t take criticism well. At all. And while I thought at first that it was manageable and I could put up with it, I’ve realised now that I completely and actively avoid certain people and conversations just so that I don’t have to hear something I might not like.

2) I think about the boy all the time. All. The. Time. I worry sometimes that things have gotten serious way too quickly (we have been friends a good 5-6 years now, so there are a lot of expectations we have of each other and that people have of us), but I still can’t manage to get my mind off of him. It’s a strange and exciting feeling. Scary as all hell.

3) I worry that I’m losing one of my best friends (my sister, who might be reading this). I haven’t known how to be there for her and I think she may have given up on me. Please know that this is my way of reaching out to you, and if you’re free this week – let’s hang out.

4) There is no pleasing my family. They are impossible. They have impossible standards. And it is just exhausting trying to live up to their ideals.


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