DSUM makes me think of Dim Sum

So I will be running at the 19th LG Dead Sea Ultra Marathon tomorrow. OK now, don’t get too excited, I’m only running the 10K, but it sounds much better when I say I’ll be at the ultra marathon. *wink wink*

This is one of the better organized races held in Jordan; which is not to fool you into thinking it’s organized well, but better. You first notice this when you register for the race at a 1x1m booth in a super market where they write-up your details by hand (barely legible) on the back of an old registration form from last year. But honestly, it’s OK because they clearly have a system. When I went to pick up my running number, they immediately found my name and gave me my things – so I’m not actually going to bitch about that. They did good.


What I AM gonna bitch about, (and you have to know that I’m going to bitch, ‘cuz that’s what I do) is the shit show of a “running expo” that they had going on. Tiny offices filled with underage smokers (eww smokers, right? haha!) who have (I’ve been thinking of how to describe this and have typed and re-typed this, but I can’t get it right) who have BO that is just beyond description. So bad. SO bad and heavy. You can almost see it. *gag*

I waited in “line” while several people decided not to, and went ahead of me. I got my number and went to the other room to pick up my goody bag, which is filled with everything except for goodies! Why, pray tell, would I need a coupon book to an electronics store? I mean it’s lovely and all, but I prefer a protein bar or a water bottle or even the little anti-bacterial packets that last year’s sponsor used to hand out! Apparently, though, runners really like anti-virus software, so they threw in a CD for that as well. LG gave out maps to their new showroom with a 7% discount coupon (woohoo!) And I got a flyer with details about the race. Sign me up bitches, SIGN ME UP!

So then the flyer goes on to tell all runners that we need to be at the gathering point at 5am for….  no reason (there’s no registration). Buses will be available at around 6:30 (I use the time 6:30 loosely) to drive us to the start point at the Dead Sea, where we get to wait some more until the race begins. Excellent plan. Keep runners out in the cold for 3 hours before their race. It’s a new running secret; warming up is old school. Run with cold, stiff muscles instead! Excitement.

Seriously though, sarcasm aside (gasp!), I am excited! I’ve run this race before, it is decently organized, for the most part. At least the actual race is – all events leading to it are a pain in the ass, but once you get running, the route is clearly marked and there are plenty of water stations along the way. Good show.

I’m hoping this will be the first of many races this year and I hope that I can finish the 10K in under an hour. Even if it’s 59 minutes, I’ll be happy enough. My goal is to run a full marathon (all 42K’s) by the end of the year – more specifically, the Aqaba Marathon in December – so I’m taking it one race at a time. Tomorrow should be a good run – just looking to beat my personal best.

I will definitely keep you posted! See you at the finish line!


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