Mission accomplished

I did it!


5K – 00:30:57


Almost didn’t make it – the torture began at 10 minutes and peaked at 21 minutes.

I could feel every bit of pain in all my joints and muscles. There wasn’t enough oxygen in the room; actually, the WORLD, that would’ve kept me going. I actually starting doing the breathing exercises that pregnant women do when they are in labor (you know which ones I’m talking about? The “hoo hoo heee” that they always show in movies? I’m skeptical that women actually breathe like that when push comes to shove ;) ) Any-hoo, I was grunting and heaving and making all sorts of weird noises as I began to turn a weird shade of reddish-purple. I was plugged in so I couldn’t hear what was going on, but I saw a lot of disapproving stares coming my way (the gym I go to is anti-sweat; don’t ask, women in Amman are stupid). I can only imagine what they saw happening on that treadmill.

But there were only 9 minutes left, so I pushed on. Thought I was going to die in the process and wanted to quit with every passing minute (sad, no?). But then 9 minutes became only 8 minutes left. Then 6. 4 minutes. OK we’re sprinting the last 2 minutes. Juuuuust a little bit faster. And there we had it. 5K at 30 minutes and 57 seconds.

Success! Thank you for your likes and comments – I would’ve died of shame if I couldn’t post this blog tonight. OK, maybe not die, but it would’ve made me feel dumb and small and like a failure (death seems more appealing now, doesn’t it?).

Here’s what it looked like!


2 thoughts on “Mission accomplished

    • Thank you! I didn’t know I had it in me till I tried. You can do it – and at the risk of sounding extremely cheesey, just getting out there is reward enough. I have to admit; however, my extremely competitive nature and self loathing contribute to the push – but whatever it takes to get the job done! Ha! ;)

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