Sunday Confessional

Forgive me bloggers for it’s been a while!


1) I’ve been in a good mood recently which is why I’ve had no blog posts. I can’t think of anything substantial to write if I’m not going to bitch about someone or something in the process! I started writing up a post about how miserable my job is, but then I thought – “Oh, screw it. It’s not worth the blog post.” I figure, there’s only so much one can write about how clients are assholes before it gets old.


2) When I get home, I pretend that I have work to do so that my aunt doesn’t sit me down and tell me about all the news she’d watched that day. She watches the news almost 18 hours a day (no exaggeration) and feels the need to repeat it all to me. I’m starting to really not give a shit about what’s happening in the neighborhood anymore (Middle East). It’s sad.


3) I have no fashion sense and would love to wear sweat pants/running gear everyday. That or really fancy cocktail dresses, because they’re flattering. Getting dressed for work is so difficult.


4) I worry about my hair thinning and having a huge forehead. It happened to my mom, but she says it’s because of her thyroid problems. I hope I don’t get thyroid problems.


5) I went on a really good run this past Friday and have been dying to post the details – so here you go! :)


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