Sunday Confessional

My last blog post was quite the confessional – so today’s post will be on the lighter side. There’s only so much self-awareness I can handle in a week ;)


1 – I’m afraid of escalators. Just getting on them – looking down and waiting for the step gets me incredibly dizzy. Once I’m on it, I have no problems. Getting on them – especially the ones going down – can be quite terrifying and can take up to about 10 minutes (at which point I’ll wait 20 minutes for an elevator or walk down stairs, if available). I almost always manage to get on them and not allow this to become a “thing” – it’s only a “thing” when I’m dealing with other “things”.

2 – At work, I put on my headphones without listening to music so that people don’t talk to me and so that I can ignore them if/when I want to. It’s a great way to avoid dumb questions AND everyone thinks I’m super engrossed in my work all the time – I look very productive! I listen to music sometimes – when I’m actually working; but if a song ends and I got nothing – I’ll eavesdrop on their conversations and ignore everyone I don’t want to talk to :D

3 – I had another confession – but I forgot what it was. I’ll remember eventually.

4 – Anytime anyone from accounting comes to see me, I can feel my blood pressure rise. They’re extremely polite and are just trying to do their jobs, but for some reason I’m their “go-to” person when they can’t find a solution and it’s FRUSTRATING because it’s not my job. At. All. And I don’t hide my frustration well either :( I think they can see my face go all sour. It’s almost like a conditioned response at this point, because they don’t have to be coming to see me at all and I’ll start to get annoyed.



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