Sunday Confessional

1) I like some really bad music. Really bad. For example, anything Daddy Yankee (reggaeton is soooooo catchy). Salsa tunes. Music from the 80’s that should’ve stayed in the 80’s. Now, these song’s aren’t on my playlists or anything, but I wouldn’t necessarily hit next if they come up on shuffle. Jes’ sayin’.

2) I talk to myself. Quite a bit. And not just regular talking; I’ll speak in accents and make faces at myself and laugh at my own jokes. And when I catch myself doing it, I’ll start telling myself how ridiculous I am and immediately justify it.

“If anyone heard you right now, they’d say you’re crazy. But it’s fine, you’re allowed to be crazy once in a while.”

“There you go again – wow I can’t stop now, can I?”

3) I’ve recently discovered that I like carrots dipped in nutella – it’s not the craziest thing in the world, but it’s good. In my defense, anything dipped in nutella is heavenly.

4) I wish horrible things on people when I’m angry. Horrible, horrible things. This is one of those instances where I’ll start talking to myself and say,

“OK, that was bad. You don’t really wish that. You’re just angry – but the f@*$er deserves it.”

“Yeah, maybe I need to tone it down.”

Sometimes I’ll feel so bad that I’ll cry. I figure it’s just frustration.

5) These confessionals aren’t easy to write. I’ll put in some of my quirks, of course, to give a good laugh and mostly to allow myself to poke fun at myself. But there are bigger issues I need to address and sometimes just writing them out makes a big difference.

“I am who I am, who I am; who am I? Requesting some enlightenment. Could I have been anyone other than me?”

-DMB; Dancing Nancies


2 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional

  1. 1) Everyone likes some type of bad music. I not only like a good bit of bad music but also actually have it on my playlist!
    2) I don’t talk to myself directly, but I talk to my pets constantly and talk back to myself pretending to be my pets, which is probably worse than straight talking to yourself.
    3) Carrots and Nutella? I am trying that tomorrow!
    4) I think we all wish horrible things against people when we’re pissed off – some are just more open about it than others. If I could kill the majority of the people in cars around me while stuck in traffic, I probably would. :-P
    5) No one is good at confessing anything, but it takes some serious balls to do it. Good for you! :-) Plus, it makes me feel like less of a freak – or it makes me embrace my freak – either way, I like it!

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