The resurrection of Charlie Abu Antar

Now today, today was a snow day! A lot of the snow had melted and turned to mush by 11pm yesterday, so I thought it’d just be a miserable, mushy weekend. But apparently it snowed all night and we woke up to a white and beautiful day. Of course, I didn’t get the day off work – cuz today is off anyway – but it was just as exciting!

I spent the morning watching Modern Family (funniest show ever) and had a little lunch with my family. Afterwards – it was full on snow day mode.

I got dressed and put on just about everything I own, because well, what else do you wear when it’s snowing? And outside we went!

First, we went on a little trek to check out the neighborhood (“we” would be my sister and I).

Top of the street!

Everyone was out and about – it was great! As if, for a couple of hours, everyone in Jordan learned to smile and relax and just have fun. Of course, there were the asshole neighborhood kids hitting everyone with snow balls, but hey – we don’t get snow everyday, so I guess no one really cared. Today they weren’t assholes. Even I was in a good mood today!

Then it was back to our house to get started on our snowman. Two years ago (or was it three?) we got a little bit of snow and I went out and built me a snowman – Charlie Abu Antar. He was a little guy, but a snowman nonetheless. He stayed out overnight and I woke up to find a scarf and some rocks in a mushy puddle. Heart broken.

It was time to bring Charlie back. And this year, my sister was hell-bent on making a “life-size” snowman, so we kept on piling on the snow and piling on the snow (yes, I do realise that when making a snowman, you should roll the snow into big ass balls *snicker* – but here in Jordan, we just pile it on) until we had a medium height, cone-ish shaped, snow “creature”.

I give you… Charlie Abu Antar!

Charlie Abu Antar

Workin it

Quite obviously we got quite bored and cold about 10 minutes into this. But he turned out OK I think!

Then, it was back in the house and into the kitchen where my true talent lies – baking! I’m not actually an expert baker, but in comparison to my snowman building skills, I’m a regular Martha Stewart! My brother-in-law was kind enough to bring over some wine, so I went about making brownies and cookies so that we could feast after all our hard work.


I did get a little cocky and as we were all enjoying these delicious treats – I couldn’t help but think that I’d forgotten something…

The not so perfect remaining batch


Chalk it up to a little too much wine! And speaking of which, I bring my perfect snow day to a close with a cheese platter, and (you guessed it) more wine!


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