Sushi and nutella

Remember how I told you once I don’t like work on a Thursday? Well – I almost got out of it today because of the fabulous snowy weather. But noooooo. “Our offices will remain open.”

This may seem quite normal to a lot of my readers; however, in Jordan we don’t get snow very often. So when it snows, we get a snow day! Or so you’d think, but my boss would only consider closing the office, never. Icy roads and untrained drivers are no excuse for not coming in. And even though our clients have taken the day off and the entire creative team decided not to come in, those of us who have shown up are expected to stay. With absolutely nothing to do.

Of course, my supervisor quickly finds something to do and sends a slew of emails reminding us to do the most mundane shit ever.

“Since work is a little slow today (yeah it’s work that’s a little slow, eh buddy?) please take this opportunity to organize all your files.”

“I’ve gone through the creative archive and would strongly suggest you go over it to ensure that all finalized artwork has been submitted. It’s quiet, so I’m sure you’ll find the time.”

“Please don’t forget to send your weekly status reports to your clients.”

So I figure, take it in good stride, at least it’ll keep you busy. And I was done in under an hour. The remaining 8 hours are for me to get creative with. And by getting creative, I mean eat.

I’ve gotten caught up on the blogs that I’m following.

I’ve gone through more Pinterest boards than I can count.

I’ve listened to Dire Strait’s “Sultans of Swing” at least 8 times now.

I ate almost 10 20 pieces of sushi (yum-ee-yum!)

I’ve finished half a jar of Nutella.

I’ve had 2 pieces of cake.

And I am trying really REALLY hard not to grab the KitKat that’s right next to me.

2.5 hours to go. At least the weather hasn’t gotten worse. It’s been raining and snowing, on and off for the past few hours so the roads are just mush – hopefully no more ice. HR has taken “roll call” and those who decided to skip out on work today will be asked to come in on Saturday. Stupid. Just plain stupid.

I thought I’d be a little more inspired once I started writing but the fact of the matter is, I should’ve stayed in bed. Work and weather have proven to be quite useless, so I’d appreciate any movie recommendations you might have as I’ll be making up for this with a nice bottle of wine and a blanket once I’m home.

Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Sushi and nutella

  1. What good is snow if you don’t get out of work for it? No good at all! I just love stingy companies that would rather risk their employees getting into a car accident or slipping on ice and cracking their skull open due to the amount of snow and ice on the ground over paying their employees for a snow day.

    Sushi, Nutella, cake, and wine later… hopefully all those wonderful things can make a shitty work day a little more tolerable. Your taste in yummy, yummy things alone makes me wish you lived near Washington, DC and your blog… where have you been all my life?!

    P.S. Did you cave and eat the KitKat? ;-)

    • Hahaha someone that can relate! Rest assured that once I left the office my day immediately got better. And while I didn’t grab the Kitkat, I did go through a pack of biscuits instead *blush*

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