Just a quick little comment on how disappointed I am with Google. While I usually don’t really think one way or another towards them, or any other tech company, they’ve managed to get me on a very personal level. They’ve destroyed the one emoticon that I love and use the most while on G-chat.

For those of you unaware of this fabulous, expressive little illustration, allow me to introduce the “ass-icon”.

(_l_) “The standard ass” – used to illustrate general unamusement or to send a basic insult to your desired target audience

(_(_) “The juicy ass” – used to show-off your assets (hehe see what I just diiiiiid?) or to tell someone that you appreciate their junk

(__l__) “The fat ass” – aka – “The wide load” – used to comment on someone’s excessive ass-edness

(_o_) “The loose ass” – used to tell someone that they’re a slut bucket

Incredible, no?

NOW, however, when you type in (_l_) in a chat box, Google has collapsed the ass and it shows up like this (/) to the person you’re chatting with. And let me just say that a collapsed ass, is a collapsed dream.

Google – I am unamused. (_l_)

* This post is dedicated to my wifey (_(_)


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