Monday, fun day

Today was a good day.

I’ve decided that Sunday’s and Thursday’s don’t do it for me, work wise (our weekend is Friday/Saturday). The start of the week is always so depressing – leaving the comfort of your bed after a weekend of sleeping in to go to a job where you’re underappreciated is never motivating. Do you realise how much time people spend at the office? I’ll sleep in till 10 or 11 on the weekend, watch some TV, have a little lunch, meet up with friends or go to a cafe to read – and STILL have time to spare before 6pm. Sundays, it’s wake up at the crack of dawn to go do bullshit for much longer than you really need to. Then by the end of the week (as a reward for surviving al 4 days) I figure, the last day should be optional! But it’s not. So Thursday’s suck too.

But! Monday (contrary to what my American and European counterparts will argue), Monday is generally a good day. I’m more on top of my game on Monday. Hating on the office just a little less and definitely more focused. Clients and colleagues seem to like Monday’s too. Or maybe I’m just more tolerable of their shit. Whatever the reason, it tends to be a good day.

And, now that I’ve joined the Hashers running group, Monday’s have gotten that much better! I’ve been slowly getting back into the gym thing, running specifically, and this group has graciously taken me in and it’s been great! OK, so maybe not “graciously”, as I got to go through a fun little hazing initiation, but they were gentle. Normally, I’d be terrified about being the new comer to a group (and trust me, I was). But these people are super laid back and fun – it was easy!

We run every Monday. Today we did a 9K run – mostly hills, so needless to say I walked for a good part of it. But it’s still 4K more than last week, so we are making progress for sure. Below’s a screenshot of my run today – hopefully next week I can do a longer running stretch!


Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!


I’ll definitely be working to keep this up – check in on Monday’s for more hash fun and running stats :)


2 thoughts on “Monday, fun day

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I hate every day I work, which is only three days right now.

    As far as the running… Congrats on kicking ass and getting through being the new comer! I just joined a running group through and I have yet to grow the balls and get over my social anxieties to actually go to a meetup! Keep on kicking ass!

    • It’s snowing so I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow and no work! Fingers crossed!

      As for the running group – GO!! I’m sure you’ll have fun. And you’ll find it’s a lot less scary once you’re there. I’ve been enjoying it and totally recommend :)

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