Sunday Confessional

  1. I don’t like or drink coffee but I wish I did so that I could be part of that whole culture. I want the machines and the mugs and to be part of the whole “Starbucks vs. local coffee shop” situation. Instead, I work the whole “health” angle and push the benefits of lemon water so that I get to put myself in a category of sorts; have a routine of my own that’s “in” or whatever. Truth is if I didn’t drink anything at all in the morning, I’d be totally fine.
  2. Although I have “quit” smoking (more like, severely cut down), I can’t get rid of the habit altogether. It’s my social security blanket – don’t ask how that works, it just does.
  3. People intimidate the hell out of me. This wasn’t always the case, but I find myself clinging to the familiar, staying out of “controversial” conversations (by controversial, I mean any conversation in where my opinion might disagree with the majority), holding my tongue when I really want to punch the living daylights out of someone and generally trying to be agreeable, a.k.a. invisible. And my coping mechanism is to lash out on the interwebs where I get to call everyone an asshole, safely and anonymously. Don’t worry, I am seeking the help of a licensed professional, but in keeping with the theme of today’s post, I thought I’d share.


PS – I should be in an internal meeting with management and the team right now, but I asked them to give me 5 minutes for me to finish something up – little do they know it’s this blog post!


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