Silly is better than retarded

“Silly” being the boss’ opinion vs. “retarded” being my proposed work.

Now how do you argue with logic like that? You don’t. Especially that it’s the boss that’s spewing this garbage.

I don’t think I will ever understand the dynamics of a power struggle. If you’re my boss, you clearly win! Why people feel the need to constantly put others down or put them in their place is BEYOND me. Why I allow it to get to me so much is also beyond me, but I figure that should be a conversation I have with my therapist.

Colleagues can be a pain in the ass as well. I wish I could just tell all of them to shut the F@#% up. Tell them that they’re stupid and that they add no value and their presence is simply a form of hidden unemployment. Nepotism at its best.

Thank goodness for headphones and Dire Straits : Sultans of Swing





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