Hello world!

Hello world.


I figure I’ll keep the title assigned to this first blog as is, since it pretty much sums up the purpose of this post. Welcome to the world of me. I don’t have any organized thoughts prepared, nor do I foresee any kind of structure being set. That being said, here goes nothing.

I decided to start this blog on a whim. I needed to vent and this was the only space available. So I signed up immediately, thinking of all the fabulous, smart and witty things I would write about and how I would inspire people and reach people and change the world – and then I was asked to submit a name for the blog. Hadn’t thought of that just yet. My colleague pointed out that, while keeping true to my nature, I was at the race and they pulled the trigger to start when I realised I was running with no socks on. The rest is quite obvious (thank you Moomoo).

The running metaphor was used because I am a runner – or trying to be, at least. I haven’t run in a year due to an injury, but I just recently started up again (yesterday, in fact). Anyway, I figure if you’re running, then you’re a runner. So there.

I work entirely way too much, for entirely way too little (surprise, surprise). I am self-righteous and vain but too preoccupied with what people think to really act on it. I love to have good food and good drink and spend time with good people. I like the word “good”. The movies I love are the movies everyone should love – if not, you’re insane and have bad taste. I like to run and be outdoors. I am not a morning person. I like cigarettes and chocolate milk (yes, same as the song!) And I like to read.

I want to travel the world. I want to run a marathon. I want to be promoted and eventually go to Spain to get my masters degree. I want to work at Nike in the branding division. I want to lose my belly fat. I want to learn another language or two. I want to become an athlete. I want to not have to wake up for work tomorrow. I want to meet the “one”. I want to be less afraid to speak up. I want to learn to play the guitar and piano and drums. I want to have chocolate without worrying about the zit that I’ll get the next day. And I kind of really do want world peace.

Join me in my journey of self-discovery. There will be bitching, but I hope it is, at the very least, entertaining.



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